Brad brings his background in advertising, marketing, and business to development and sales. He has launched and run companies, created and branded products, and conceived and built creative ventures, all of which helped him develop the ability to find the most effective balance between art and commerce. He enjoys applying lessons learned there to film and entertainment.

He is a Partner at Badlands Features. In addition to Producing, he focuses on shaping projects to appeal to the most lucrative markets, depending on the phase of the project — financing, packaging, distribution, direct to market. In addition to 3 DAYS WITH DAD, starring Brian Dennehy, Tom Arnold, J.K. Simmons, he is currently producing THE INTERVIEW WITH JESUS, written/directed by Kirk Roos, distributing GOLD BLOODED, starring “Dakota” Fred Hurt, and developing 1001 NIGHTS, a horror series based on well-known existing IP.

He is a founding partner at Conduit, where he serves as the liaison between the filmmaker and distribution, bringing his background in advertising, art, copy, and creative strategy to films, television projects, and digital series. Conduit just sold the film 3 DAYS WITH DAD and the documentary A BITTER LEGACY. Other recent films sold include BEDEVILEDFIGURES OF SPEECH with Chris Pine, I AM STILL HERE, and GOLD BLOODED.

He’s a Southern California native, living with his three kids in Agoura Hills, CA.

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